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Model Jessica Hart Shops For Intimate Clothing With Sister

Jessica Hart is a well known Australian model that has now been living in New York City for quite some time. Hart has been shopping around for sexy lingerie for her to show off to her boyfriend and who better to bring along than her sister. Well, actually it is a little creepy, but her sister was definitely digging purchasing some neat items for herself while they were at the Victoria’s Secret in the city. The two looked shocked as the paparazzi were outside waiting on them. Check out what the model is up too via Twitter @1JessicaHart as she updates often.

Ex Disney Star Miley Cyrus Cuts Off Her Locks

Engaged Miley Cyrus decided to disturb the Twitter world when she uploaded a new picture of herself with her hair shorter. Cyrus had famous hair cutter Chris McMillan chop all of her medium length hair completely off and she relish every single bit of attention that is coming her way. Cyrus struggles to not be the Hannah Montana star that loads of people see her to be. Tons of fans are definitely hoping that she plans on wearing extensions for her upcoming wedding though, because that haircut is a bit weird. Ms. Miley Cyrus’ soon to be husband has to be absolutely in love with her as that hairstyle is something else. The picture is courtesy of Miley Cyrus Twitter account- @MileyCyrus.

Lindsay Lohan Wracks Up Automobile During Shooting LIZ AND DICK

Ms. Lindsay Lohan once again makes headlines, but at the very least it is fixable and she won’t be taken to county jail for this accident. Many of you may know Ms. Lindsay Lohan currently working as the deceased Ms. Elizabeth Taylor in the Liz and Dick film. The rental car association brought on broad by the film makers made it clear that they do not want Ms. Lindsay Lohan behind the wheel at all with their rental car. However, Ms. Lindsay Lohan got behind the wheel of the sports car and smashed into a semi-truck. Right now, the insurance agency has not cancelled their policy but the film makers now have voiced their rules and are not allowing Lindsay Lohan to drive one of their cars anymore during the course of filming. Will she listen? That is anyone’s guess.

Pregnant Hollywood Stars In The Industry

If you haven’t heard, there’s another unusual baby fever with females in Show Business. There are loads of breath taking and reputable females in the movie business that are as of recent pregnant. A few of these females include, the ravishing, Reese Witherspoon & Sienna Miller and bunches more.

Females more than ever before share that they crave being parents and urge to put to good use their womanly instincts rather than working without time for anything else. Everyone of these popular, expecting moms to be are looking stunning as they long for the day they become moms.

Kate Upton Beautiful GQ Photo Shoot

Ms. Kate Upton has been converted into fan favorite model of every single guy because she has a out of hand figure. Ms. Kate Upton slim body, beautiful shapely hips and juicy twins, which can be witnessed proudly debuted in the GQ issue.

This hot model will be seen wearing a star striped swimsuit. This model rose to the top when a video of her performing the “Cat Daddy” was added on YouTube, but was temporarily removed due to disobeying “community guidelines.”. Plenty fans complained and the clip was uploaded back onto the site.  Make certain to keep your eyes on this sexy twenty year old model as she is expected to to be doing wonderful things with her modeling career.


Dead Body of Rodney King Found At His Home

This past Sunday someone’s body was uncovered in a swimming pool in Rialto, California and that dead body was of Mr. King. It has been announced that King died from drowning. King is well-known by next door neighbors to take late night skinny dipping as they can the noises of him taking a dip.

Rodney King’s soon to be wife is the one who located the 47 year olds body and telephoned 911. Authorities on the case has told press that Mr. King was only in the home pool for the time frame of several moments just before he died. There was no illegal drugs or alcohol was seen on the scene, but is not being passed on. King is famous for being the black man who was ferociously beaten by 4 Caucasian police officers in L.A which lead to the most disastrous racial riots the country has ever witnessed.


Remembering The King Of Pop’s Music Career

The 25th of June is the 3 year date of MJ’s passing. That was a very depressing day when Michael Jackson perished at at the age of fifty from cardiac arrest in his house. Dr. Murray , who was his private doctor which was over medicating him. When the pathological examination report announced that the untimely passing was a homicide, Dr. Murray was accused involuntary manslaughter and is at this moment serving a 4 year sentence in prison.

Mr. Jackson truly had one of the greatest music careers probably forever and he inspired plenty of newbie singers. Lots of affectionate fans and quite a few of artists took to their Twitter pages to pay tribute for the no longer alive pop icon. Michael Jackson’s name will press on forever for years in the future never cease till the world ends!